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Explore your inner artist while creating beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Unique and fun art is what Hawaii Fluid Art is known for!
Maya Ratcliff, founder of Hawaii Fluid Art, developed her proprietary method of fluid art using acrylic paints and a special pouring medium. As word spread by students thrilled at seeing what they could create, the demand grew. Ratcliff opened the first Hawaii Fluid Art studio in Waikoloa, HI and has spread across the U.S. and is now in Noblesville at the Hamilton Town Center!

The science behind the art:
Different pigments of paint are made of different materials, each with a specific weight and density. Some are heavier, such as metals, and some, such as those from plant matter or resins, are lighter. When the pigments are all suspended and mixed together in a similar fluid medium, the various pigments push and pull against each-other.
Depending on the pigment’s viscosity and quantity, they move around, sometimes mix, and often they rise or sink to create the appearance of organic cells on the canvas. There is always a bit of mystery as to what your final piece will look like, which is part of the joy of this technique.

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